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Tebar Hadiah di Ulang Tahun Tabloid Pulsa ke 10

Tabloid PULSA
Tebar Hadiah di Ulang Tahun Tabloid Pulsa ke 10 | Dalam rangka perayaan Ulang Tahun Tabloid PULSA yang ke 10 tanggal 26 April 2013, Tabloid Pulsa membagi-bagikan hadiah yang sangat menarik sekali, beberapa gadget bakalan di berikan secara GRATIS kepada kita semua yang mencoba keberuntungan untuk mendapatkannya. Hal tersebut dikarenakan bahwa Tabloid PULSA adalah sebuah media yang mensharingkan  berita tentang dunia ponsel yang berkenaan dengan spesifikasi, harga, serta referensi yang berkaitan dengan dunia ponsel.

Berikut ini adalah beberapa hadiah yang bakal di bagikan secara GRATIS dalam rangka Ulang Tahun Tabloid PULSA yang ke 10 :
Golden Prize
  • BlackBerry Z10 disponsori oleh P Store
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 disponsori oleh P Store
  • Nokia Lumia 920 disponsori oleh P Store
  • IMO Tablet Z 7 Orion disponsori oleh Ponsel IMO
  • IMO New Smartphone S89 disponsori oleh Ponsel IMO
Silver Prize
  • Pelatihan Jurnalistik disponsori oleh iToday
  • Workshop Android disponsori oleh Android Indonesia
  • Makan Bareng Artis disponsori oleh Arena Musik
  • Photo Studio Ala Model disponsori oleh ITV Channel
  • Voucher Beauty & Health disponsori oleh i-treatment
  • Voucher Outbound disponsori oleh Main Advantures
  • Magang Kerja untuk SMK disponsori oleh Tabloid PULSA
Program berhadiah Ulang Tahun Tabloid PULSA yang ke 10 ini berlangsung dalam beberapa periode. Informasi lengkap mengenai Waktu Penyelenggaraan, Peraturan dan Ketentuan, bisa langsung dilihat pada halaman Fans Tabloid PULSA.

Tunggu apa lagi, ambil kesempatan ini dan jangan dilewatkan begitu saja

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Tabloid PULSA

Unique QWERTY Android Phone With Two Screens "Samsung Double Time"

Unique QWERTY Android Phone With Two Screens
Unique QWERTY Android Phone With Two Screens "Samsung Double Time" | Android phone that is quite unique this time named Samsung DoubleTime. DoubleTime specification is simple enough 600MHz CPU, 3.2MP camera but the phone has two 3.2-inch screen resolution HVGA display - in which the second screen appears when you open the flip phone to use its hardware QWERTY keyboard.
Samsung DoubleTime will come in a choice of white and pink.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Specification

Samsung Galaxy S2 Specification
Several issues have been circulating about the successor to Galaxy S. The specifications about two of Samsung Galaxy S2 was leak., last week revealed the specifications Samsung Galaxy S. This portal is revealed that Samsung is conducting trials of two products, one has a display with a diameter of 4.3-inch and one 4.5 inch.

According to the issue that the two phones will work with Orion's dual-core chipset, each with 1.0 GHz and 1.2 GHz. Both work with Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread. This high end Android phones have supported external memory with a capacity of up to 32 GB. Having two cameras, 8 mega pixels at the main camera and 1.3 mega-pixel camera support, Galaxy S is supported with LED Flash.

How to Jailbreak & Unlock iPhone 3G | Tutorial

How to Jailbreak & Unlock iPhone 3G | Tutorial
How to Jailbreak & Unlock iPhone 3G | Tutorial - Not a few iPhone users are frustrated by features that they expect to be present by default they are not implanted. Most of the requests have been filled with Apple would release the iPhone Software Update 3.0 features include copy-paste, MMS and others. But this is not an obstacle for users of the iPhone OS 2.x because some party developers of open-source access to iPhone users so they can be modified arbitrarily. This is often called a jailbreak. Due to many requests for a tutorial guide how to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3G, finally I can provide one for you, and before we reveal the tutorial, it helps us see past the requirements below :

The process of unlocking can be done for the iPhone 3G baseband 02:28:00 (can be checked in the Settings => About => Modem Firmware) and specifically on the iPhone 3Gs to the iPhone OS 3.0/3.0.1, use the same tutorial here => (

New LG Android - LG KH5200 Andro-1

New LG Android - LG KH5200 Andro-1
LG-Mobile has just announced its latest smartphone with a series Android LG KH5200 Andro-1. This handset looks special because in addition to a full screen touchscreen support is also provided berdisain QWERTY keyboard that slides. Another feature that seems obvious is the camera with 5 Mega pixel resolution, Wi-Fi, HSDPA and A-GPS. To launch approximately LG KH5200 Andro-1 will start a market in Q1 2010* Network: 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900, 3G HSDPA.