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Specifications of Apple iPhone 5 Features

Specifications of Apple iPhone 5 Features
Apple iPhone 5 is a new generation of iPhone 4 successor has just officially released in December of 2010, was rumored to have featured a much more sophisticated than the iPhone 4.

Prospective serial generation iPhone that was not even born, later rumored to be equipped with mobile payment systems. Cult of Mac, a site that talks about Mac Os, say if iPhone 5 release, this gadget will be equipped with technology called Near Field Communication (NFC). This is also discussed in the Telegraph.

NFC technology is making the iPhone 5 will be like a virtual card credit card, and can make any payment by touching the iPhone 5 to the digital payment devices. In addition to NFC, Apple will include a feature that allows iPhone users to perform data synchronization and setting a Mac to a smartphone.

Although Apple declined to confirm rumors related to this, some time later, the company has recruited several experts NFC, and plans to acquire Vivotech, NFC technology management company.

In addition to NFC technology, also rumored that the iPhone 5 will apply advanced technology Hologram video projector. It is distributed by handyflash.

Site handyflash mention that iphone 5 will use a very thin concept design or ultraslim. besides that, the iPhone 5 also will use the build-in holographic video projector, a technology that may be too expensive implemented in a gadget.
Follow The video below :

If the technology is applied, certainly the price of iPhone 5 will rebound sharply
Though the price of the iPhone 4 when it was released yesterday just to get responses that vary around a iPhone 4 price is too expensive.

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