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The Competition of Google Android Against Apple iPhone 2011

The Competition of Google Android Against Apple iPhone 2011
In the Beginning of 2011, is a new round of battle between Google's Android versus Apple iPhone on the market mobile phone device.

But while it is still leading domination of this region with his Iphone 4, but Google's Android is not simply silent stay. This is evidenced by the Smartphone Android is experiencing sales growth. Google CEO Eric Schmidt reported to the public that Android devices sold 200,000 to 300,000 units/day during the last quarter of 2010.

Drastic increase in sales of the Google Android Smartphone device is at least the market has undermined the Apple Iphone, at least in the United States market.

But it seems that Apple Iphone will still win this competition, because Apple has its advantages in terms of marketing that is able to hypnotize and make people crazy about the Iphone.

However, Google's Android sales growth seems to be a seriously threat to the Apple Iphone. We'll see how this development in 2011.

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